Igloo Adventure


april 6, 2015 by admin

2015-03-14 18.06.40

This weekend’s adventure took us to Molnsvattnet, a few miles outside of Boden, with the goal to build our own igloos to stay in overnight. The incredible weather made working hard all Saturday a true joy and when the igloos were finally finished and the sun was setting we could all take a step back and enjoy the sight of our own handywork before taking a well-deserved rest by the campfire.

After filling up on souvas and BBQd marshmallows there was little energy left to do anything other than leaning back and chatting our way through the evening, looking up at the cornucopia of stars on the sky, hoping to see some northern lights.

When Sunday morning finally dawned and the realization that we’d all slept through the night in our own igloos hit us, the soreness in our muscles from yesterday’s hard work seemed to ease and going skiing and fishing in hopes of catching some of Molnsvattnet’s perch for lunch was a simple yet fun way to spend a few more hours out in the sun before returning Luleå.

//StiL Frilufts



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